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I know this blog suppose to be about  reviews,recommending,and info for aspiring author,poets,writers like my self.But! I couldn't help my self I had to write something about Amanda Hocking.If you don't know who she is by now then you must of been living under a rock this whole time.I'm kidding,Amanda is the 26 year old self publishing phenomenon who  sold more than 450,000 in books in which 400,000 of it sold through ebook form.Her  books are mainly about young adult,paranormal,and urban fantasy.Hocking's sold her ebooks for.99 cents to $2.99  so  half of her cut was70% from the sales.
There were so much buzz  in the news not to long ago about how she self publish  her own books,and how she generate a  nice profit from ebooks. Amanda's success was do to her self promoting her books on her blog,Facebook,and twitter.
 Pull from Amanda Hocking's blog:                                                                                                               
Traditional publishing and indie publishing aren't all that different, and I don't think people realize that. Some books and authors are best sellers, but most aren't. It may be easier to self-publish than it is to traditionally publish, but in all honesty, it's harder to be a best seller self-publishing than it is with a house.
I don't think people really grasp how much work I do. ... The amount of time and energy I put into marketing is exhausting. I am continuously overwhelmed by the amount of work I have to do that isn't writing a book. I hardly have time to write anymore, which ... terrifies me.
Well this morning I awoke to some more news about the successful author. She just sign a  four book deal to St.Martins Press that had major publishing  companies vying to get a deal with her.The bidding had  surpass 2 million dollars. St. Martins Press declined to comment on the bidding war Amanda  was looking to work for a publishing company.

Here are her books that generated all this buzz:




Here is a recent article talking about Amanda Hocking's  deal:

 Here is a book trailer for one of her books:Letters To Elise

You can find the rest of here book trailers on Youtube.
 Here are  some of her sites:


Quote frome the author:"I don't need love or a man to complete me,and someday, you'll find that true for yourself. Suitors will come and go, but you will remain."
Here is where you can purchase her books:
These are just some of the major locations where her books can be purchase or download,but
I do stress trying your local book stores,and online book source.

How did you hear about Amanda Hocking,and what is your favorite book from her series?


Sidne,the BCR said...

no i have not been under a rock, but i have been under the weather. i have not read one thing on this writer from any of the news media i read often so thanks for blogger about her. i'm not a paranormal fan so thats a book i want have to write down. i got so many, lol. come enter my book givaway, hurry ends tuesday.

Loves2Read said...

Following you back from the Monday blog hop.

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