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There have been so many re-editions of the book Jane Eyre.Now that  a new movie has came out again. It kind of peek my interest as to what kind of book was it all about.But,The thing is I want to read the original version not  no re-editions I want the the hand written original version.Well,I know I can't get the orignal book,but I want some thing close to it not re-written to some other authors liking.Their have been plays upon plays,and so many different types of movies that I guess I have to read the book itself to get the concept as to why this book  has been in our history for many years.

The poster from the new movie:

Synopsis from the movie:  Charlotte Brontë's classic romance is revived once again with this Ruby Films production directed by Cary Fukunaga (Sin Nombre) and adapted by screenwriter Moira Buffini. Raised by her aunt Sarah (Sally Hawkins) after her parents die of typhus, young Jane Eyre (Amelia Clarkson) is later shipped off to a stark boarding school as the result of her perceived insolence, and suffers greatly at the hands of the cold, unusually strict administration.
The movie trailer:Jane Eyre 

Now that another movie has been made about the book I guess it won't hurt to go see the movie,and see how the director has come close to the plot of the book.But,I will read the book first to do some comparison of the movie version .I'm kind of excited to see th movie because it has been revised so many times I want to  view this latest version of it.

About the Author:Jane Eyre Was written over 164 years a byCharlotte Bronte.Bronte  novels are english literature.she wrote Jane Eyre under her pen name Currer Bell

But in the mean time here is some location to purchase the book:



Also I can't STRESS this enough support your local bookstores,and online
book source.

A interesting thing about your local book stores is that you might find close to the original version ofthe book.That's great about your local bookstores the carry the oldest  books to the new ones

Tell me if you read or say  any of the plays,or movies,which version of the plays,books,movies you like the best?

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