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Author:Walter Mosley

I'm a huge, huge fan of  Walter Mosley books I mean there is just no way to describe his books. Well, Maybe there is I love, love, love reading them. There exciting ,entertaining, there field with mystery,and of  course drama.I got hook..yes I said hook on his books when I read "Fear Itself" the Easy Rawlins seris.I became  an instant fan of his writings because that book what got me it's captvating to the point  where I became lost within the pages.The Mystery of it made me flip the page each time to figuire out what was going to happen next.I haven't even begun to put a dent in to his montage of books but thats no problem because I'm not in no rush.But here's an:

Excerpt from the book: "Fearless Jones shows up  at Paris Minton's door
one night with a simple request: An attactive women has asked him to help
find her husband,a man fearless worked for briefly,and fearless wants Paris
to take the case with him.The next morning,a suspicious stranger shows up
at Paris's door,and he's asking after Fearless Jones".

What a great read!

I recently read another one of his many greats writes.This book doesn't disappoint like if it would ,Anyway  "Known To Evil is the book that has mystery  like you wouldn't believe.It takes  you on a hunt of clues ,and whodoneit ,and plus Walter is very descriptive in this book.Lenoid Mcgill is the main character in the book  who is a detective that takes you through his daily life with his family,and his profession.Here's an:  

Excerpt from the book: It  didn't make much sense,me taking
Kaltrina back.After twenty years of unfaithfulness on both sides
of the bed you would have thought I'dve had enough. I should have
turn her away after her banker had run down to Argentina.But she'd
ask me to for give her.How could I seek redemption for all my sins if
I couldn't forgive her comparatively minor indiscretions?


Another great read!



About the author:
WalterMosley is the author of bestsellers
Fearless Jones,and bad boy brawley brown.
The acclaimed Easy Rawlins seris of novels,
and many other works of  fiction,and non-
fiction.He is the reciepient of a Grammy Award,
the Anisfield-Wolf Award,and Numerous other
honors.He was born inLos Angeles and lives                               
in New York.

   I'm currently reading "blue Light" I can't wait
  delve into a good potential read.I'm kind of
excited to read it.                                                                                   

Here is are some interviews with  the legendary novelist,writer: 

When Walter Mosley puts his pen to paper and churns out another book
his fan are waiting  is the mist  to go to the book stores,and libaries for that
first read.I know I like  reading his book because when I read the first page
of "Fear Itself" I become a long time fan of his books...PLEASE check out his books
and see what I'm talking.I do warn you though you will get instantly hook.
With all the accolades I have thrown to to this wonderful author. Here are some 
sites you can visit him at:
And His site:

A quote fromWalter Mosley:  "At one time if you were a black writer you had to be one of the best writers in the world to be published. You had to be great. Now you can be good. Mediocre. And that's good."

If this doesn't have you running to the stores for one of his books how about a sample of  movie then:
Ok,If that doesn't tickle your fancy I know you must remember this movie
here's a sampleof:Devil In A Blue Dress


you can log on to YouTube to look at some more movies,and interviews of the author
but in the meantime if you want to find his books here are some sites you can purchase 
his books from:
as well.
You can find  all his  books  at  these location.They also come in kindle format as well....

Also I want to stress:PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE support your local book stores,and online
book source as well...

visit this blog for the latest reads,and books....

Now,what is your favorite Walter Mosley books ,and Why?

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