Thursday, April 7, 2011


What can I say about this book,but it's a great from start to  end.When I  read the first page I was like huh? another boring book.But! this not the case with this book because I read on and I must say the character in the plot was so very interesrting it was hard to put the book down. Well! I stop for bathroom breaks,but other than that I was all up in the book wanting to know this chraracter by the name of Chyna next move.When reading this book you will feel: sympathy,empathy,anger,betrayed,understanding,soul searching,jealousy,the list of emotions can go on and on,but then you start ask:why,how come,who,and where.Yor emotion will be mix tied in with reading this book,and you will not forget the characters after you're done.Oh! I forgot to mention there are some light hearted moments in the book that you'll find your self laughing from time to time.
Sombody's Sinning In My Bed  plot takes place at a church,well not in a church.But, the church plays a major role through out  the whole store of the book.I know it's  Kind of surprising huh?but believe me when I say this book is goood.Lol,ok back to the story of the book Chyna is a precher's wife who found some not  so  good info about her husband who ends up dead in the most place you would want to find a preacherin a club.The story doesn't mainly focus on the club it's just part of the plot of the story that pulls you further in.

 After loosing her husband in the worst kind a way Chyna starts to do some soul seaching of her own,but with out some skelton that was just put into her closet that she wants to keep their.Since the death of  her husband she finally see her husband for who he really is.Want to know more you have to get the book,and read it for your self.

Synopsis:Chyna and her sister Janelle are always moments away from a catfight.They love each other,but Janelle has never forgiven her sister for swiping her first love,Cordell.That was ages ago,and now Chyna is showing off as the first lady of New Hope Assembly,a church that's caught between the old ways of holiness,and new ways of serving it's community.New Hope's, Leader,Reverend Grayson Young, is also the infamous Sweet Bush Lounge,An esablishment well-known for adult pleasures.

About the author:Pat G'Orge-Walker is Essence best selling author she grew up as a preacher's kid in which   that's where she  got her quirky sense of humor from the church community.With the sucess of one her comedy shows Pat decided to turn her humor,and imagination into writing.She lives in Long Island ,New York with her husband.


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