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I often wonder what is the perfect manuscript?I mean I know you put pen to paper,and convey your thoughts on how a book you want to go.But,Really! Do you know what a writing a book consist of.As aspiring author/poet  I have ask my self that many times.I'm in the process of writing two manuscripts that I have kind of stall on,because for one I want to write a  perfect book that a peson will remember for a long time to come.Secondly I want them reading,and liking the plot I try to convey to them in the book.Thirdly,but!Certainly not least I want  people to read my book,and  in gernal read any kind of book.In our  urban community in which I live in you hardly ever see a teenager,or an adult with a book in there hand.Please by all means! Don't get wrong thier are few here or there that you see with a book in there hand,but the majority of the time you don't.
I been working on my manuscripts I say about it's  going on a year now or maybe more.It start back last year when I had another Facebook page.Where I was requesting authors  that I like so I can get a feel of what the literary world was all about.Well!I  had a lot of  authors on my old Facebook page,But...and that's a big BUT! It wasn't like I thought it would be.I mean I was walking into the literary world with blinders on.BecauseI thought the authors I requested would automatically help me out with my manuscript, meaning giving me some info.NOT!Don't get me wrong  I say at least one author whoI ask advice ,and I can remember to this day.I posted  a question on my old Facebook wall,some thing like:When writing in your manuscript  are you consistent with your punctiuations or do you keep writing,and put them in after you finish your manuscript?I don't think that was the exact words ,but something to the affect.Anyway,This one author told me how she do her writing,now I'm not quoting her word for word ,but she said she keeps writing ,whether she makes grammar mistakes,punctuation mistakes or any other kind of mistake that goes with writing your manuscript.She simple writes her manuscript then afterwards she goes back,and fix what needs to be done in order to have that manuscript become a book.
That advice she gave me stuck with me because she was the only who spoke up to offer any type of  advice on writing a book. That author just don't know I really appreciate that advice she gave me.But! The thing is that's been almost a year ago that she gave me that advice.I should of at least  of had one book out or just coming out.The problem with me is I'm to hard on my self I want every thing to go right.I mean from the design of the book to having it edit right  for some one to proofreading it,and let me know where all the mistakes I made,and to correct them.That's great that I want that,but thing isI'm still feeling my way through the literary world.Literally speaking!One of the  thing is I  kind of  been procrastinating for  about a minute or so.Because I'm worried about having a great book that people want to read. I heard that people who procrastinate  is a poor man excuse for being lazy.Who knows maybe it's true or maybe not.Meaning I'm writng ,but I'm also looking for a publisher who won't stiff me out of my money,and not have a book published.I had that happen to me  before,so I'm kind of leery about these new,and old start up publishing companies.
So,I thought about doing the publishing my self ,but  with that if you don't read in between the lines;you will still end up shelling out some money if you use a a self publishing company.Maybe I am putting the cart before the horse sorta speak.I mean I still have two unfinished manscript that needs a whole lot a work  done to them.But, If I'm going to edit it myself  I need to know about  grammar,and punctuation,proofreading,typeseting,layout,graphic design, how many pages will the book consist of,AND! What ever else that involves with putting a book together.In all that I have stated I know nothing of the sort,that's why I'm kind working slowly on my manuscripts because all of things I need to have done to make a book. I know nothing of,and its fustrating when you are feeling your wat through it,alone.
Sometimes I think   my manuscript isn't good enough for it to be published,Because I do read a lot ,and I compare my writing to others who have perfected  there manuscripts into books upon books. I was told,and read that you should never compare your writing or work to a published author because everybody's writing style is  different .True!but,I still do it anyway. I don't know...when writing in my manuscripts If I have writers block or I'm making up excuses, being self discipline,procrasting or just being pure lazy.All I know is I want the perfect manuscript I know there isn't a such thing is a perfect manuscript,but,what I'm talking about is put the book together,find a publisher ,having people reading my book,OR publish the book my self who knows.But,That's what I call a perfect book.
I'm still gliding my way through the literary world. I don't know if I have blinders on,or just  taking my time to see,and to get the full knowledge of what it takes to write a book,and also to see if  self publishing is for me or find a legit publsiher who wants to help you get you book out.{sn} I thought that when a publishing company turn your manuscript into a book.I thought they would be making a profit as well.If I'm not mistaken I thought that it would be free advertising for them,as well  as prfitable.What I  mean about free advertising is there company logo would automatically be on the book,and the author would represent the publishing company.But,I guess you have to have a good manuscript for that to happen in order for them to take a chance on your book.And! That's why I wonder,What is the  perfect manuscript?
I'm still studying ,and learning in the literary world,and  taking baby steps to get my book(s) out there because I am doing it alone.It seems like it taking forever for me to get a book out.But,I rather take for ever than put  bad ass book out.Not in the good way,but actually being a bad book.

Ok!I said my peace.I will be putting out a review real soon on "Control Issues" and "His Sex Bad Habit" these  books I had mentioned in a previous post that I was reading over,and would post a review on.Stop by my spot to see if they're five star reads or if there a waste of time reading.

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