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★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
 Tina,and Damon are the divorce parents of a teenager daughter.Damon has since remarried,but Tina still has feelings for him.Even though he creeps over to her house every now and then for some nooky.I gave it three stars because it started off ok I was really getting into it until it change up with me figuring out where was the author going with the story. It started with Tina,and her ex-husband Damon and their situation they had,but without notice it takes you back to her colleges days when she first met Randy who at first is a dream come true.He sweeps her off her feet then later on down the line he mentally,and physically abuse her.
The plot seem choppy because I was settling into her,and Damon's strange relationship then it takes you back to her being abuse by a man from when she was in college.Well she wasn't in college after the abuse started.After six years with Randy it tells you how she meets Damon.
Abuse is a serious situation,and it's not to be taken litely.But, I really couldn't get into it without trying to see where the story was going.Also the punctiation was bit sparatic( this just my opinion)but some the sentences was cut off.The book version might be very different from where I download it from.

Serena Jacobs comes to North Carolina to be a bridesmaid in one her best friends wedding.Kandace,and Solomon's wedding went off without a hitch.while at the wedding Serena  meets Antonio Billups there chemistry was automatic.Both of them flirting back in forth with list of temptation not knowing what each other baggage they held.Not only was Serena was there for a friends wedding she had a business venture with best friends as  well.Home Delights was  being remodel,and the contractor so happen to be Antonio. the flirting continue until both them could no longer resit temptation a relationship ensues, and both of them is really feeling one another.Thoughts of here past play mind games on whether to tell Antonio of her past,on the same hand Antonio is holding back from Serena as well.Should he or shouldn't he tell Serena about his son,and him being a widow.
Serena,and Antonio have a lustful relationship with out leaking out there past,but it was heavily on there minds.The more there together the more the feel like its a true relationship.Serena wants to desperately tell Antonio about her life in L.A,and Antonio wants to clear the air with his secret sorta speak.will there secret break them up of what might be a true,and meaningful relationship or will there be some one there to rain on there happiness.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I like this book from beginning to  the end it talks about relationship,friend ship,honesty,trust,betrayal,marriage,forgiveness I can go on,and on about what this book has in it.It's a good read because Serena remind you of some one you know or been around.Plus the relationship with Antonio seem like a lot people can relate to.
About the author:
The writing bug bit hard and early for Bennettsville, SC native Cheris
F. Hodges. As a student at Marlboro County High School, Hodges knew she
was going to be a writer. She joined the school's newspaper staff and
decided journalism was the way to go. You can visit her website.Click here.                                                                            

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