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Lucas Cain,and his buddy Noah are detectives who are at nice  jazz club ,called Gideon's scouting for women.Lucas isn't looking for a serious relation,so he size up every women that walk through the door.In walks News repoter Justine Greer and friends Holly,and Simone.Justine caught lucas' eye, and he  feels a imediatly attraction for her.A relation ensues,and Lucas finds out that Justine isn't any type of women he's use to dating. Mix with emotions he decide to persue the realationship at a slow pace to  see where it  would take him.Lucas  was the type to just hit it,and move on to the next women,but Justine was different from any other women that he has dated.
Simone noticing that her friend has got a good catch  she use all her feminine wilds to seduce Lucas right in front of Justine,and anybody who had noticed.She get's her chance when Lucas' is on a  undecover trying to nab her boyfriend Nine.Falling for her persuit of him he gives in to her,but without  a bad concious decision of the fact  that it's his woman bestfriend,and that  he just potrayed the woman he loves.
There is no other way of explaining  it,but I  like this book from the time Justine walk into the club,and the way Lucas had introdue him self to her.Well He didn't she did.This book had me all into the characters they were leaping off the pages,and envoking such emotions I was literally cussin at the book,and  rooting for Lucas,And Justine relationship.Justine friend Simone had me wanting to kick her ass that's how much  I was  deep int this book.I mean  I was  feeling just that angry when I read the a certain part involving Lucas,and simone I was like No!No! please don't let that happen. My emotions was of angry towards the coniving Simone in her Jealousy over Justine in what she had done....
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
This book had me flippin the pages to see if Justine,and Lucas can stand the ultimate test of there realtionship,and see where it would end.Speaking of the end YOU'LL be suprise about it.It's a shocker,and it leaving you wanting to know more,I definitely want to.It's definitely a cliff hanger.....

About the Author:
Sabrina Eubanks was born in Manhattan, but raised in Brooklyn and South Jamaica, Queens. She lives there now with her young son. She joins Triple Crown Publications with her first novel, Karma.

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It's a must read!!!!

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