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Leah,Nicole are two female detectives who join the nyc detective squad where Lucas,Noah work.Both of  the women heard so much about Lucas,and Noah,and now there getting a chance to work with them. Leah starts having feelings for Noah, but have some reserve thoughts on moving on her feelings even though her atraction is  very much noticable by Noah. Nicole has feelings for Lucas,but she heard about the relationship he had with Justine.Also there is some one in her past ,well current future that's kind of having her think twice about Lucas.Keith Childs is Nicole's ex who isn't going to take no for an answer,but  Nicole  wants Keith to move on.An altercation takes place at her apartment where she seeks immediate help from Lucas.Lucas comes to her aide & rescue and she ends up at Lucas  residents.
Meanwhile the four of them go under cover sting to bust the Draco dealings while  being under cover, Nicole sorta puts her moves on Lucas.On the  otherhand Leah is  having strong feelings for Noah,but she heard about his playboy attitude.Noah  notice Leah  sexual attraction for him,but he decides to take it slow on trying to make his move on her.Noah has a  little baggage of his own lurking around him. Well,I wouldn't call it baggage  he has two other women that is  interested in him.His ex-wife who discover that his current girlfriend is pregnant so she set out  to get him back.
While under cover all four of them learn Draco is just  one of the big time drug dealers who is dealing under the  hands of the Trindad brothers who are the culprits,and the suppliers to nyc gangs.Draco is the lower drug dealers under there belt.All  four dectectives  go deep under cover but, not with out a little drama of their own between them. They stick to being under cover without  being notice.That is until a former drug dealer/dectective let the cat out of the bag.How will this end will the four of them be still standing,and will there feelings for one another survive the drama thats  keeps coming into play amongest them?
 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I  really don't have to say how much I like reading this book,but I can say I became an instant fan of the author who wrote  "karma".So I had to read this one because she left us meaning me wondering what happen with the  characters in the book.Suffice to say I was kind of disappointed at the beginning of the book,but I read on and became intersted in Lucas,and Noah personal,and professional life.Let me tell you(the reader)it had  provoked feelings of:jealousy,emotions, and surprise from me that I didn't think a book would do.I mean I was like in awe with some of  the play by play action that was in the sentences.Who new that a book can be so enjoyable to read.Not only that  "Karma" Karma2" are two books I will have on my book shelf for along time to come with other books to pull out when I want to read a little excitement in a book,AND,and not only that  this book,and"Karma"  will be seered in your memory for a long time to come.That's how good of  a read this book is.I would highly recommend this book to you(the reader) won't be disappointed about reading this book.

Synopsis:The saga continues... When narcotics detective Lucas Cain meets news reporter Justine Greer, she stops his playa attitude in its tracks. It is love at first sight as the two fall head over heels for each other, despite the influence of Justine's jealous friend, Simone. The jealousy and betrayal leave a deadly trail of broken hearts. Now, two of New York's finest, both in beauty and detective work, join Lucas and his sarcastic partner Noah as they once again go undercover to bring down a powerful drug dealer and his crew. The love and the lust are bolder than ever as KARMA sweeps through New York City.

About the author:
Sabrina Eubanks was born in Manhattan, but raised in Brooklyn and South Jamaica, Queens. She lives there now with her young son. She joins Triple Crown Publications with her first novel, Karma and its sequel, Karma 2.

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