Monday, June 13, 2011


Tyler is a teenager who grows up in a apartment complex with his mom,and brother,and some times his aunt,and cousin Tai in a one bedroom apartment.Tyler emotions are mix,and complex from the abuse he seen at the hands of his father on his mother.He bring his anger,and  feelings with him as he finds out his girl Deborah is seeing another man.Tyler takes out his anger on deborah's boyfriend as he learns  about the two of them.His  brother Shamar,and cousin Tai comes to rescue him from any possible jail  time.Tyler is struck with the demons ,and  emotions that he might be some what like his father.Not knowing  how to deal with any of his thoughts,and feeling he goes for a walk,but ends up back at the apartment complex in the wee hours of the night worrying his mom.Tyler has to deal with the thought that Deborah betrayed him,and the growing feeling he has for Tracy.A young teeanage mom who has a baby,that he feels is to young for him but is atracted to.But, Only one person standing in his way,and his name is Remy a some what big time drug dealer.
At the beginning I thought the main focus was on  Tyler,and his emotions,and thought  process of him growing up with an abusive father that he doesn't want to be like,But it also starts going into so many characters thoughts, and how they're thinking. I kind  of lost focus of what the book was all about.The story  just had entirely to many  people to focus on,and how they're thoughts and feeling mix into the story.All the characters of the book took away from the oringinal story,I'm guessing that is.Because it flowed into  so many  different direction of different  peoples situation,and there thinking process,and feelings.I simple tried to see where the author  was taking the story,But I was  lost in the process of figuring out who was the main character,and why,what all these  people played a major role in.

★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Here is an  synopsis from the book:Water Flows is a gritty urban tale that tells the story of a young man who believes he has lost his woman to another man when in fact, he has lost her to herself. To cure his addiction for this woman, he becomes addicted to another and just like a new drug, this high is more potent than the last. However, what he's found in this new woman may cost him his life as well as hers.

You(the reader) might take a different approach when reading this book.

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