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Lyfe Benjamin introduces you to his world through his eyes as he sees it every day on  the streets of New York.He brings  you(the reader) deep into his life of drug slinging,survival of the streets  he's living every day,and also not to mention the ultimate betrayal.Lyfe lives with his mom ,and younger sister in a housing complex where he do all his hustling at,but  his life isn't just slinging drugs,and hustlin.Lyfe  takes you(the reader) through the drama he encounter as a drug dealer.It seems like Lyfe was literally born in to the life of drug dealing,and that came along with it.With one brother killed  from arm robbery,another brother in jail,and his sister who's not only was selling drugs,but dating a drug dealer.Lyfe was expose to all of this from his siblings ,and the enviroment that surround him every day.
Every time he open his eyes that's all he seen. So, eventually  growing up around that...  he started selling drugs because he seen his family,and living around in his evorioment that's all he saw/knew,but he wasn't doing it(selling drugs) alone he had his buddies Butter,Nutt,Tempo to help out....but with his friends , drug selling,and cops on the look  out Lyfe had drama like you(the reader) wouldn't believe.With all this drama he has  a woman claiming that he was the farther of her baby.During his daily drug dealings,and  trying to look out for cops. Lyfe was working under another drug dealer by the name of Generation...eventually down the line Lyfe has beef with Generation......not only him but his crew who he grew up with.Who  he thought had his back in which one turns out was trying to kill him.
As a Young man Lyfe have seen stuff more than an average  person probably have/haven't seen.From the situation with Genration beating down Dinky to Tempo Killing butter from him messin around with his girl.Not only that Generation put out a hit on the person who snitch about him.Come to find out the girl that Dinky was talking to at the time was the girl  Generation had knock up.This is  without lyfe's knowledge the hit comes by way of Tempo taking out  the girls entire family that Identify Genration as the person who beats down Dinky.Lyfe  got a taste of how his friend really is.......
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
The drama don't stop with the killings. Lyfe will be involve by association of  people being killed,and tortured.Not only that his life is  in danger of being taken by the childhood friend/buddy he thought he knew....but Lyfe gets a break by meeting  Ayana she shows him there is another world besides the one he's living.  Lyfe falls for Ayana,and experience another kind of love that he thought wasn't or even possible ,but the drama,he left  behind snaps him back ,as the streets  keeps calling him back to the world he's been dealing with.Lyfe's world seems like one plague after another since his moms kick him out,and cops on his tail.Only time will tell if Lyfe really has ....ONE LYFE TO LIVE
{I have some much more to say  about this book,but I would be giving so much away}

When I first started reading this book it started off slow because Lyfe was at times descriptive about his life.But I read on  to see what Lyfe was all about.To my surprise the plot  of the story pick up with the drama that he experience as being a drug dealer,and what it envolves,and what comes along with it.Lyfe was telling you(the reader) about his world,and what it all  entails.I like it because it seems so real,and, plus I was  trying to understand the lingo(language) that they was speaking amongest one another.I mean it wasn't nothin forreign,but I got a  kick out  of it.Plus I got to know Lyfe  just from how  he was living his life.Can't ya tell  how I talk about Lyfe as if he was telling me his life story.This is how the book draws you into his world to see if he Truly Have ONE LYFE TO LIVE....

Erick S. Gray is the author of Money Power Respect, Ghetto Heaven, and Booty Call. He lives in Queens, New York....
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This book is a must read, and you(the reader)need to take a peek in to Lyfe's world...

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