Thursday, January 12, 2012

A DEADLY GAME by Virginia Smith

Susanna Trent was sent to an auction to purchase an expensive  car  by her boss Tom Ingrams.She was in a bidding war with one of Mr.Ingrams friend son,Jack Townsend.She eventually won the bid and was headed back to the office to turn the car over to her boss, the only thing is he's dead...
shock from the discovery of her boss Susanna takes the  the expensive car home  with her by way of Jack Townsend for safe keeping.Little did she know that by purchasing the car it would turn her world up side down.
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Susanna finds her self wrap of clues,and riddle just to save the most important person in her life,Lizze her niece the only relative she has,and is desperate to save......Susanna has to solve,and find the clues to some riddles in order to save little Lizzie life,but theirs a catch to all this Susanna has only a  short amout of time to solve ,the riddles.Frantic,and desperate Sussana will do just  about anything to get her Lizzie back,but she not alone she has help from Jack Townsend who at first seem to be just another guy,but he ends up the one she really can counting on.
I really like this book I like how the author takes you along with the characters on a scanvenger hunt to solve the clues. I also like how she(the author) gives you enough to keep you reading on to see what else is going to happen,and plus I like the chemistry that Susanna,and Jack are  having for on another  even though both  of them are pretending like they really don't have feelings for  each other.I haven't read a suspense book like this in a long time,and this book is one of those book you keep close by to pull out for a good  a read.
A DEADLY GAME will capture your attention from the moment you read it.....The author takes you all over the state of Kentucky to follow Susanna,and Jack to solve  clues. The thing is will Susanna solve all the clues in time,and the feelings she hidding from Jack will she let him know how she really feels?.....Only time will tell if  the game she's trying to solve won't be DEADLY........

About the author : Virginia Smith became a published author in 2006 with her first book,As I Am even since then she's been publishing books.

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This book is a must,must read!!!!....Hurry and go,and get it and enjoy the read,I did......

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