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Kevin Bailey comes back to the city he has known after being on a spritual hiatus looking for a job,and a place to lay his head,and  to possibly seek  employment  from his old boss he use to work for..Kevin goes to where he use to work only to find out that things have total  change.Being on good terms with his old boss Lamont Givens, he decides to help Kevin out by finding him a place to work, which happens  to be his old bosses' brother who works as a PI.
Kevin finds himself a place to lay his head from a former co-worker Delores Nunez.He then meets up  with his future employerFrank Givens, and sets out on a intriguing case that he has to solve.Kevin finds out that being a PI is more to it than he thought it would be.Nonetheless  on his first case Kevin is trying to find out who Edward Eldritch is dating,in which he's been hired by  the  mother to find out who Donna Greenwood is she also gives him a pic of the person Edward is standing next to who she think is Donna.Kevin sets out on a journey of digging up some evidence on Edward only to learn it's more to Edward than meets the eye.
Edward comes  from an affluent back ground that he proves to be a snob  to Kevin  while he's following him.
Bailey what he liked to be called,finds out some interesting details on Edward,well the girl he 's dating.Like the fact  that is, the person Edward is currently dating isn't the same person his mother hired him to find out about.You see the person in the photo that was given to Kevin by Edwards mother is of another women,its not Donna Greenwood it's Norma Vidon.
That just peeks Kevin's curiosity even more which sends him on the hunt to find out who this Norma Vidon is,and why,and what she has to do with Edward Eldritch,and Donna Greenwood.
 I like a good mystery book where it gives you enough to keep you reading ,but not enough to solve the case...and that's what Author Joe Humphrey,did.I like also  how  Kevin Bailey the character in the book  was determined to solve the elusive mystery that's tied to Edward.Reading this book had me trying to summarizes,and guess the case, I like a book  that has you (the reader)envolve in the character of the story,and plus  the author kind of have you trying to solve the case,sort to speak.I mean you going to jump to conclussion  any way when reading it,also you gonna think you know what  happens next.NOT!..believe me that's what I tried to do.
Besides all that "A DIRTY BUSINESS"by Joe Humphrey is EXCITING read,with peaks of  ADVENTURE to it and of course,throw in some MYSTERY,and I can't leave out the DRAMA,add a little MURDER to the mix you got you self ....A MUST READ!!!!!!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
About the author:JOE HUMPHREY  who was  born and raised in Central America.Mr. Humphrey  spends much of his free time writing detective stories and collecting antiques.A Dirty Business is his first published novel.Mr.Humphrey is a private person who resides in New York with his wife,and two son,and grand kids.
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Go and get the book,I promise you,you won't be disappointed about it......

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