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Writing a review for this book is long overdue.but I couldn't decide on if it was a five star read or a four star read.I know as reviewer that shouldn't be an excuse for to rate a book,with out futher ado....
 Marcus  who works in Virginia as a cop who life it seems is filled with a lot of drama... still reeling from the death of his partner.Marcus decides he wanted to offer his girl Tamala  a propasal she sure wouldn't refuse.but adding insult to injury he finds his one true love in a position  that made him think twice about his original plan for a  propasal.Now,devastated of the lost of a partner,and his girlfriend betrayal Marcus  learns that he has a new partner he's working with.His partner Eddie seems to be Much different from his last partner so it seems.
Marcus knows he doesn't want a new partner,but accepts him anyway.He notice off hand Eddie seems to have a way wiith the ladies around the precinct.Eddie seems to act like a playboy despite the fact that he's married.Marcus isn't taking to kindly to the new partner of his,but that doesn't last for long when he meets his partner's wife, Neci.Immediately he has a instant attraction toward her he haven't  felt that way about a woman since Tamala,But his attraction is beyond that it some sort of connection ....and not to mention her beauty what draws him in.Thier is a connection between the two,but as friends,at first.......hmmmmm?!?!
Ok,I when I first read  the title along with the excerpt I  had to read  this book.But, let  me say this first. Before reading this book I kind of assume what the book was going to be about.Wrong,mistake!...never make assuumptions on just the excerpt alone....I found out the hard way.Anyway,I really enjoyed the book especially how it started off. I just knew it was going to  be a good read.Well,it was.but,at times it was like reading a cat,and mouse  game between Neci,and Marcus.I'm like come on already just have sex,and get it over with.Then my emotions kick in,and said wait a minute she's married,and Neci wants to save her marriage,despite Eddie cheating ways,but her feeling she has for Marcus is undeniable...Ya see how I add little bit of how I sum up the book,and then added a  little bit of whats going on in it.....Geesssh! ok, again.....So, To make a long story short,without giving away anything it was was a great read chalk field with drama,lust ,emotions,and feelings,betrayal,sex,lust.....and some more you(the Reader) might add once you sink your eyes into MY PARTNER'S WIFE.....

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

                                              About the author:Michael Glenn Yates,resides in Virgina with his wife,and daughter.This is his first novel.

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You will enjoy the read....

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