Tuesday, January 17, 2012

THE UPPER ROOM by Mary Monroe

Ruby Montgomery with her best friend who drop out of high school,and join a brothel......soon after the brothel they join a carnival..and later settle into a town,called Silo......at this point Ruby was married and had a child name,Virgil....and Othella had a liter of children.One day Othella was pregnant again,and was getting ready to deliver her child only to find out the the child was still born....distraught  from thinking her baby had die....Ruby takes the baby for burial... thinking the baby was dead...Ruby takes  the dead baby back to her house so her son,Virgel can dig a grave....The baby makes a crying noise that shocks, ruby and her son..... longing for a daughter of  her own ever since Othella had hers.....Ruby takes the baby,and her son to another town..where the lies,and the continue chastizing,religous believes spun its own evil head.
Mama Ruby has the town of Goons scared to cross her path in fear of being chastized......The people learn to live with Mama ruby,and her evilness.....they also belive she could bring a person back from the dead......In Mama Ruby's web  of  lies  The Upper Room was created for Maureen the daughter that she stole from Othella,and passing the baby off  as her own. Ruby creates a story of lies as to why she left her home,and why Mo'reen needs or should I say be in The Upper Room......
I just sumarizes some of the book in detail of course not word for word,but just give you enough to be curious about the book.I know I was from just reading the excerpt alone...not to mention the books cover kind got me wondering what the story was about ...sufice to say I was drawn in with Mama Ruby longing for a baby.....and her quest to take,and  to keep her friends baby as her own.
From the the moment I read the begining to the the end I was intrigue from the the story line that Author Mary Monroe wrote.I  was surprise about how the book had me drawn into the story line,and how it had me also laughing a bit,and also shaking my head.....at the character Mama Ruby.I never read a story quite like this one before. So,I was kind of thrown off from this type of  reading......and let me tell ya, it was great!.....I like to read different types a books...and this book is definitely different from what I'm use to reading.The Upper Room was enjoyable book . I look foreward to reading more books from author Mary Monroe........You(the reader) have to get the book yourself,and see what's all the fuss I'm doing about this book.....And you will see why The Upper Room 's  Mama Ruby character will have you thinking about  her in  this book long  after you have finished reading it.....
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
 About the author:    
Mary Monroe is a New York Times bestselling African-American fiction author. Her first novel, The Upper Room, was published by St. Martin's Press in 1985. She is best known for her novel, God Don't Like Ugly (originally published by Dafina Books in the fall of 2000), and the series revolved around the characters first introduced in this book.

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Go out ,and pick up this book and see what all the fuss about.....
                 It's a must read!!!!                                                      

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