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Herby  was on a stake out with his partner Jerry at an old milk factory where it is known to to be a drug haven.Herby,and Jerry get caught up in a shot out with some unknown individuals while shooting it  out Jerry ends up getting  shot to death in line of fire.This whats been playing over,and over in Herby's head for a while now.It turn  into a nightmare that Renee his wife is all to familiar of.Herby can't seem to shake the incident since they haven't caught the suspect who took his partner's life.Kerby which is Herby twin brother was  also on a stake out in which Kerby took a life of a child by,mistake while doing a drug bust.Reeling from the fact that he took an innocent life Kerby spirals out of control.Instead of seeking help from his family or friends he turns to the one thing he was trying to stop from happening on the streets,drugs.
Kerby drug of choice was rocks as some  would  call it.He ends up loosing his job as a cop,and goes on a binge of spoking his rocks to loose himself  into a mindless haze.
I like this book because it's raw,and hardcore there were no sugar coating anything in this book.Author Mylow Young takes you(the reader) literally through the shoot outs,the drug induce haze,the church,on a stake out, family life,and sprituality.Reading this book had me a little emotional, about Kerby situation,but then Renee had me rooting for her because she seem to be the back bone for the family.Besides the drama with deaths,shoot out,drugs, it's a feel good book.I was just about to type movie,but the read is so much better.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

About the author:MYLOW YOUNG is a native of Philadelphia and has struggled with drug addiction for more than half of his life.After seeking help he turn his life over to Jesus,ans discovered his his faith in the lord.

The author can be

THIS IS A MUST READ!!!!! So, get your read on with this awesome book.

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