Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A GOOD NANNY by Barbara House

Maude Barrow  was home on a hot summer day looking for work. She skim through the news paper to find a nanny position available.Knowing she didn't have any creditials for the position she set out to make up some.She went to the resident that was asking for a nanny,and was greeted by the the butler, and the lady of the house.That evening She  was called back for  a second interview  to be a nanny.Miss borrow knew she had this job in the can.
Their were some stipulation for her, if she was to work in the household. The lady of the house  name  Mrs.Mumford  told Maude to read over the contract to sign an date it.Miss borrow  did just that,and thought she was living on easy street.The bulter took her to were she would be living ,and sleeping. She skim over her living space,and compared it to her apartment.She look in the closet only to find that she had clothes,and shoes exctly her size.She did find that a bit odd.
I like  the story because the author laid out who the character was in the the story.For instance where she lived,and what type of person Miss borrow was.Even though it wasn't  long of a  story it was kind of like you knew wat was going to happened,but you wasn't quite sure of it.Well I thought I kind knew what was going to happened,but the ending sure changed my mind .Even though the  story was short I like how the author  give you(the reader) just enough to keep reading  until the very  end,and boy! was I surprise .
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

About the author:Barbara resides in Pennsylvannia with her husband,and animals.A  GOOD NANNY is just one of her collection of short storys that she writes.Mrs. house also davels a little bit in horror,humor,and sci-fi.                                                  

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I can't wait to read another Barbara House book(s).Go,and get this book it's a great read!..

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