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A HINT OF MURDER by Lia Fairchild (the series)

A HINT OF MURDER has three short stories in one.I will try to do my best to give a little tidbit of each short story,and my OPINION of what I thought of them all.Also I will give a rating  for the over all book,not for each story that would be just too difficult to do,and confusing for some.
So,without further ado I will start with:
THE WRITER-Alicia Fairfield is an author of three books.She goes by her pen nameA.J.Field sighting personal reasons,meaning her son being in a mental faculity,and the fact she wants to keep her life personal.Alicia discovers that a page from her novels are part  of two murder scenes.Distraught,and afraid the only way she knows how to escape is by killing herself.Edward her agent comes to the rescue  by coming to her house while she was in the proccess of  writing her suicide note.Edward,and Alicia  along with some detectives are determine to find out what does her books, has to do with  these murders.
At first when I  read it I didn't get the drift of what it was all about,meaning how it first start off.I had to read on to get where the story was going,and what the story adventually was about.When I finally got it, I was very interested in how Alicia,and Edward  try to piece together what her books has to do with the  killings.Over all the the story was well develop,and the author kept making you(the reader) guess who done it type of situation,but at the end it was a bit  strange as to how Edward figured out who was doing the Killings.
THE DOCTOR- Simon Bellville,Charlie Boyd,Dante Van Cleave where all patients at Marin County Hospital.Well, two expired with the help of a murderer running loose around the hospital.The murders of the two victims took place under the helpful watch  of Dr.Russell Morgan.Shock by the chain of events that has taking place at the hospital, the doctor has  becomes part of the suspects.Detective Lewis has to figure out  who would want to kill someone in  a hospital,and why?Amongest  his suspicion there was the  doctor of course,but there was also the the head nurse Tess Lansing who was in charge along with Dr.Morgan of the Interns Jenny,and Nicole as well as other nurses. also there is an orderly who work on the floor as well.Craig Rogers was the  loner,outcast who work with the interns,nurses,and the Doctor.
Now,Det.Lewis knew he had  a lot of work ahead of him in trying to solve who killed two of the patients at the hospital,but there is one thing that can help,and also hinder the case. Their was a survior who was attack by the murderer.The victim  survived the intial attack on his life,but can he identify who attack him?
The story seem convincing ,and again it was well develop  with the characters.I was intailly was trying to guess myself of who done it,and why?The author introduce us(the reader) to a slew of characters in this short story.She gives us some back ground history on some I thought was necessary for the story,and some I thought that  she could of left out.The story takes you back in forth between the hospital,and the precinct with Det.Lewis  trying to solve the murders,and eliminating suspects. The author intruduces us to the victims to keep  you a bit in suspense, that's why I kept reading on to find who was the intial killer.I wasn't surprise,but then again I was because who I  thought was the killer, wasn't.
THE BOUNCER-Bobby Crane work as a bouncer at Eric Boskey night club,in which is his cousin. Crane was planning to belt out some tunes one night at the club when some officers show up.Singing was a dream of his,and at that  particular  moment  he didn't want to be bothered by  the two officers  because this would be his first time on stage.Detective Lewis,and Barnes want to ask him a  few questions  about Allen Shaffer.Bobby axiously awaiting his first singing gig wasn't to please about the sudden interuption,but he complied anyway, and answer some questions about Allen Shaffer.Curious to know what the cops wanted, Eric asked  Bobby was every thing alright,with assurance he sad yes.Lewis.and Barnes  are assign to  the murder case,and their trying  to figure out if Bobby is one of the suspects they have in mind .Lewis  knew this wasn't going to be an easy case for them,because the   simple fact is, there was quite few  people Mr.Shaffer had done business with. Lewis being a seasoned detective,and Barnes being a rookie they both had to use their skills to figure out why was Mr.Shaffer killed.The two detectives had plenty of people to look at.For instance  Allen Shaffer's wife, Tiffany,his partner,and friend Eric Boskey,and not mention Boskey cousin Bobby Crane.
It was definitely like a guessing game amongest the host of characters.I was trying to guess who it could be through out the whole read, when I tried to guess who it was,the author  threw a  twist in there to make me think other wise.
In the whole entire series the stories read like a who did it, and why? Their were a  lot of characters to  make you(the reader)think it might be one of them.I also like how the author  throw in a little back ground history on some  of the characters so you can get to know them a little better.The one thing about the series what got me was,the flow of the stories was a bit choppy.Meaning I would read the first chapter,but by the second chapter I had to read a bit into it to see where the story was going. So it was kind like a bit back forth with the plot. I think that's what the author was trying to do so you can get the gist of the plot of the story,and which I did.It was a great read!
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
About the author:Lia Fairchild is a native of California she loves to read,and write.Writing has been part of  her life.Mrs.Fairchild has a degree in Journalism, and also has  host of teaching crendentials. When she not busy writing another novel Mrs. Fairchild likes to spend time with her family,and doing some traveling.
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or you can follow her on twitter:!/liafairchild

A great read!Go and pick up this book so you can be in suspense of who done it.

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