Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A CREATIVE KIND OF KILLER by Sandra Scoppettone

Fortune Fanelli is a  former detective,and divorce father of two teenagers living in Soho.There has  been a murder on his block and  Mr.Fanelli being a former detective want to see who it was since his kids were no where in sight,and also it was the detective in him  that peek his curiosity.Running into some old biddies of his Fortune isn't so welcome because he had decide to persue other interest.Fortune finds out the murder who the victin is,Jennifer Baker.He querstions the the people who had found the body,but with some hesitation from his old partners.
Later on Fortune is hired by the the girls uncle to figure out how ,and why she has die,and to also find out where is her brother,Partrick.
Ok! the storyline is interesting because there is a death investagation going on,and it seem kind of mysterious to see who done the killing.But I go say this, there was just entirely to much typos in the the story line,and at one point the character last name was mis spelled wrong.With the typos I keep seeing the number 1 in place of the letter I.At first I thought it was a mistake but, I kept on seeing them.Also there were few repeats of the same words. I'm a use one of the words in  a sentence to kind let you (the Reader) what I'm talking about.
Ex:Sam walk the away  away from his mom with out a response.
The word away was repeated  twice in the sentence.

Also another thing about  Fortune,he would be very descriptive in describing who he met or what streets he took,and reminising on places,and people  I had to question who was he talking about and where was the place he had mentioned.Another thing about the character that bother me was when  When Fortune was making asumption about  someone or some thing he would throw the the word maybe as if he wasn't sure of himself,and I find it very strange for him to be a detective.

When I first started off reading the book,I thought Fortune was a woman until he said he was divorce farther.
 The main  character  of the story was  talking about places,and streets as if the reader would know what he was talking about.Then  he would go into detail of what  character  was wearing ,an also what streets he took to get to where he was going.I'm not an expert in  writing a book, Because quite is it kept I make a lot of typos,and spelling errors on daily basis,but the thing is when I make my mistakes it's on a social networking site,I know that shouldn't be excuse for anything,but I was looking to read a story with out   to edit what the author was trying to convey.
The book seem to have a good plot, but Fortune Being a little to descriptive made it seem a little boring,and was dragging the storyline.
I  would had a pic of the book up ,but for reason it's not showing on my blog.

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