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A HIGHER COURT by John L.Betcher

William Kensey is a married father of two girls, who volunteers as a coach of a  volley ball team for one of his daughters.Bill as he liked to be called is part of a jury of 30 + jurors who has to determine DOES GOD EXIST?He finds out that this isn't any old court proceeding he's use to.For the courtroom,and the deliberation room doesn't have any clocks or windows,and the jury section where the jurors sit is where the spectators sit,and the lawyers desk are position at  an angle for the jury,and judge to see.
Bill knew something was up when the judge announce their will be NO questions,no alternates,and the people that came who thought would be dismiss,is now part of the  the jury.He thought it seem odd because a jury has only  twelve jurors,not more than that.
Bill was game for this type of court proceeding,and besides he had ask that question of him self,and wonder what type of court proceeding this would turn out to be.
Let me  tell ya when I read  the title of this book I already made up in mind what type of book it was going to be about.Boy,was I wrong! I tend do that some times when I read the excerpt,and the  title(s) of a book.Anyway, DOES GOD EXIST?Is mainly the subject of what the court proceeding is all about. When I started off reading the book I thought it was going to be about Bill the main character in the book,and his family.But,It took another turn for me I didn't expect to read.The majority of the reading takes place in  court with different counsels for the "repudiation" and counsels for "existence"mind you, I went in with some what an open mind, and partially what I called my made up mind,when I read the question.The counsels from both parties  had expert testimonies for both side ,as well as testimonies from people of different race,background,religious believe on both sides.As I read on I became part of the jury myself,  as if I was to make a decision  about the experts witness,testimonies from different people,and there situation.In conclusion I always ask that question before, well subconsciously but because of my upbringing,I had already had the answer to the question when I was reading the book.. Both parties  had present the court ,and the jury with credible experts,and witness testmoines from both sides that agreed,and disagrees whether God exist or not.They also gave a great closing argument.Now,The Question  is,What do you(the reader ) think?
When reading   "A HIGHER COURT" it's hard not to bring in your opinion,believes,feelings,certainty,questions,thoughts  without judging the book  before reading it all the way through,well at least for me  that is.....

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

About the author: John L.Betcher Has a bachelors degree in English,and juris doctorate.He's has practiced law for about twenty-five years.Mr.Betcher has a fondness for volleyball,and also wrote a book about coaching it.Besides the two books that he wrote he has written The Becker Series.

I would say read this book,BUT! definitely read it with an open mind. when you read it I wonder  what is  your verdict is going to be, personally and  about the book.

                                  A HIGHER COURT
                      It's a must read!!!!!!!

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