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Listen up all you aspiring authors and poets aficionados.Boy!do I have a book for you.I thought I share with you the readers,and those who aspire to have there manuscripts or any thing published.Now,I don't have any expertise about  the publishing world but,I thought I would share with you a book that kind of  help me get a little on track of having my manuscripts published,and also it might  help YOU to get started in a direction  you're looking to establish.
In the future I will be posting book reviews on anything that's dealing with publishing your book,and of course anything pertaining to reading books, as well.Remember I'm along for the ride as well in trying to establish some grounds in this writing world.
AGAIN,I'm just giving my OPINION on this book and like I been with other books.But,I just want to give the reader who wants to write a book or just want to critique there writing style.Because Lord knows I need to read about a thousand books on writing,punctuation,typos and so on.LOL!

Ya,see?I do have a little sense of humor,life isn't so serious all the time.

Without further a due.
                                      ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
 This book is fill with a compilation of authors who give their advice on what they did or done when it came to writing.What I like about this  book is that it wasn't hard to comprehend.I mean the book come with notes,examples things to help you with your writing.
For Example:
*writing style
*sentencing structure
 There's  a lot more in this book that may help you.The authors in this book share with you(the reader) their point of view on writing. I like how the authors explain in detail of what help them or give little notes,and example that might  help you.
I read this book once before but,at the time I didn't have a book blog to post my OPINION about it.I just rated it on some other book sites.Another reason why you might like this book and want to buy it is, you always can go back to it if you're having problems or forget how to do some thing.
Here are  some of the authors who's a part of this book:
*James Patterson
*Terry McMillan
*Joyce Carol Oats
*Richard Russo
*Sue Grafton
*Octavia Butler 
And a  host of other authors that's in the book.
I bought this book to help me or guide me in a direction so I can at least know a little some thing about  writing a book.I'm still in my baby step stages some may ask how long are you gonna be in the baby step stages?Well,If no ones going to help me out so,I have to  feel my way through the process.and it's taking me  a long time to get the ball rolling.BOY! I'm  definitely seeing how long this process is, in  becoming a published author/poet.
NOW,That I'm sharing this book with you(the reader) I may stumble here or there with my writing for my blogs.That's a good reason why I have this book so I can read it  over,and over until I write a perfect nice book,and blogs.The book is very helpful,and informative if you ask me.I can say so much about this book,But I won't. You gonna have to buy it,and  read it to see what I'm talking about.

This book is a must read!!

 This book is sold at:
Barnes &noble
and other major book chains also some mom ,and pop stores.If they don't have it, simple request it.   

For you eBooks  readers This book so far is only available in paperback,and hard back.If you want the book in electronic form you have to request it,and it's worth the request.

Also, I always post about the author,give background history,and where they can be reached.There are just entirely to many authors in this book to do that so,I'm passing on that.

Until my next review,

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