Wednesday, May 30, 2012


What Will Become of the Paper Book?

                                     when I first learned of the ebook and all what it can do I must say I was a little hesitant about jumping on the band wagon.Give me a paper back any day.Well,a lot has change since I last said that.Oh! I still want my paper back book but,and that's a big but, I want  a ebook as well.I mean  to be honest ebooks is definitely the new rave amongest readers,and it's very diverse in many ways. That's why I like it.Truth be told even though the ebooks is gaining grounds with readers.I don't Think it will totally eliminate  paperbooks. Do you know how long the process it would take, just to transfer every single book known to man to ebook form?Even if that was possible I don't think  it would get done for the simple fact.There are a lot of people still  out there that  want the paper book or should I say some prefer it over the new way of reading.I like to have the option of both I like to feel the book, the turning of the pages,and just having the book in my hand,is a good enough reason for me.But,I do like the ebook  because you can carry about a thousands books  with you any where and you wouldn't feel bogged down,as appose to  paper books.That's literally impossible! SO,I don't feel worried about  the ebook totally erasing  out the paper books....I think they will be around forever like the begining of  time,and well....well you know.LOL!

 Paper Books or ebooks which do you perfer, or do you prefer them both?

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