Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Sassy is a tipcal woman who expresses her day to day life through the   activities she does in Zompton IL.Explaining her troubles with her family members especially the relationship she has with her mother,and farther or the lack of a relationship with her mother.She just found out that who she thought was her farther wasn't.Sassy was was raise by her grandparents in  which it made it  hard for her  because of the jealousy she felt from her aunts,and some of her cousins.Oh! I can't forget  that Zompton is short term slang that people that's living there gave it since as Sassy put it couldn't pronounce the the actual name of the suburban town,in  Zion IL.
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Zompton IL  is a small town outside Chicago IL  were 21st street has daily activities going on  through out the day.And Sassy happen to be part of some of the dealings or activities that made 21st street the place to be at in Zompton Il.Well, at least for the drug dealers,users,clocks as the book would call them, rats,bust downs  that made 21st street a place to be,and Sassy family lives on the block were every thing has taken place or will take place.
 Ok, for me when I first read the book I thought Sassy was a black women which led  me to believe from  the description that she was.As I keep reading on into the book I found out that she was not black but a white women who's family who happen to live in Zompton IL where majority of the residents are black.The description of some certain characters where switch around a lot.For example: like Sassy baby sister was introduce as that but then when she confronts her farther she was married ,and then it goes back to her being young again.Another example is, that the book start having Sassy in college so it seems,then as you read on down she still in high school.
Their are to many  few more examples pertaining to the characters statuses in the book.The book was a nice read,but I felt a lost when I was reading the book I had to read on further to get the gist of the book.When I finally got settle in to the  the thick  of the storyline. The ending left me  questioning:this is not the end of it,is it?   


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