Wednesday, January 2, 2013

4 GIGS OF TROUBLE by Stella Baker

Antonella Teteilbaum  is a former Iraqi vet and a history teacher at Muir academy who is on a school field trip with her students.They were exploring the the Lincoln Memorial when one of her students came across what look to be a dead body.Upon examining who this person was she discover that he had a pulse,but barely breathing.Toni  told the student who found the body to  tell one of the chaperones to call 911 as she tried to comfort  the man.Disoriented and speaking incoherent he utter some words to her that she couldn't quite understand.

 The medics arrive but it was to late the man had expired upon them coming to his aide.Finding a body wasn't on the list for the school kids at  Muir Academy.Nor, so was finding a gig a byte in Toni(as she like to be called)jacket pocket left for her by the dead man.The class field trip went on as usual,but with a hint of  unsuspecting notes,and ransack rooms left Toni on edge.
Not knowing what to thinking of the situation, she thought all these things was coincidental.,but related to the body that she had found.
At first when I  read the book,it  started off like a mystery.Sure there was a dead body That Toni,and one her student found,but there were notes  left for her ,and her room got ransack, and people following her unbeknownst to Toni.Curious as to why all these events start to take place after she ,and one of her students found a  bound  she starts to do some investigating.
As read on I found out why the notes were left behind ,room ransack,and why people were following her.This story kept dragging on and on I mean if you subtract her camparing her current situation that she was in to her Marine days, or remicing about certain situation in her life then you would get  to the thick of what the story or book is all about.
Through out the book you find that she(Toni) does that a lot in which the story  just kept on dragging out.At one point I want the story  to be over,but I kept on reading to see what the outcome would be.I got almost to the very end,but I couldn't take it, and I just ditch the book.Oh! when if you(the readers) decide to read this book. You will question yourself or the character in the book,and  say to yourself she should of left well enough alone,but then you would probably do as she done seek justice, and that's why I kept on reading,but the comparing,and reminiscing  to the situation she was currently in, got the the better of me.
★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

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