Monday, January 28, 2013

African American Books


I'm Baaaaaack!Here are some Black/African American books I'm sure you will enjoy reading. It's like a introduction to there books.Once you read them, I pretty sure you will love to buy  some of there other books. Enjoy the free books,and don't forget the.99 cent books either.So without further ado:

1.Female Traits, The trilogy,free
2.Secret Rendezvous,free
3.My true Essence,free
4.Shaken & Stirred,free
6.Enough Good News,free
7.The Ultimate Merger,free
8.A House Divided,free April 23,2013 released date
9.Zane's I'll Be Home for Christmas,free
10.If Ever,free
11.The Queen Bee Of Bridgeton,free
12.Sincerly Yours,free
15.Don'tGet MadGet even,free
16.Confessions Of Whore,free
17.Giving Up The Dream,free
18.How Did I get Here,free
19.Love Triangle:Three Sides To Every Story,free
20.The Solider Phalanx,free

1.Hated By Many Love By None,.99
2.Duffle Bag Bitches,.99
3.Mercy,Mercy Me,.99
4.Two Tears In A Bucket,.99
5.Burdens Of Bruces,.99
7.Country Girls,.99
8.If My Pussy Could Talk,.99
9.Irresistable Forces,.99
10.The Drama,The Street,And The Seduction,free
11.The Mob,.99
12.Lies Unleashed,.99
13.For The Love Of My Sister,.99 Butterfly3,free
15.That Girl,.99
17.Silent Cries,.99
18.A Gangster Bitch,.99
19.Rap Star,.99
20.Hybrid Angel,.99

So, if you scroll down the list of  .99 cent books you will see,I mistakeningly put in a few free books.In which makes the total of  free book 22,and and making the complete 20 books for .99 cents,only 18 books.So I will add the two books to make up the  20 books for.99 cents.But, I will add two more to make it 22 books, just like the free ones.
Black Fire,.99
Side Chic,.99
Ratchet Girls,.99

Price is subject to change at any time, from author.
So start downloading,NOW....and get your read on!

             Until Next Time,
                Treasured Spot,readers


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