Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Promoting Or Attack Of Reviewers?!?!


When I had Face book and Twitter my main purpose was to use these outlets to promote books for free of charge,and also it was my outlet in the meantime until when I decide to have my book published/self published.At the time though,I didn't know to much about being an author and what it all curtails.Suffice to say I learned more about the bad side of what being an author,and getting your book published than I say majority of what's good about it.Don't get  me wrong, I've learned and research the good about having your book published,and what involves too,and  still learning.
It's just that I  learn,well I wouldn't say I've learned I came across some interesting things of what authors will do  to promote their books. for example an author who want his book to sell  really bad, had shot himself to promote his book,you can read the article here.
There  was another incident where   a literary agent if I'm not mistaken was either being harassed or was physically harassed by  someone who wanted their book publish...I'm guessing by any means necessary. I couldn,t find the article to that one,but I was definitely shock when I read it.
The reason why I'm writing this is, because I recently read an article...well, as of today I was reading this article,and it hit on some key notes about what some authors will do to promote their books,and one of them is make up fake accounts to give them ratings OR or have people do it for them. I don't think it just stop at authors,it's a whole slew of people who are doing such things,but I just don't think it's prevalent as when authors do it though.That's funny how things work.
Any way, with out further ado,here's  what I'm talking about.
Now,when you read this article it's talking about a specific book,but it also delve into some what I've  mentioned in the early paragraph.This article is definitelty a must read,because in the article it mentions about attact reviews on different authors,and vilfying their own self.Oh this  is just some of what's in this article,this a pretty good read.Not only that but it shows  you (whom ever reads it)that people will just about do any thing to promote what they consider,what they were born to do.
Now,I want to state again, that the whole article isn't about authors and their promoting style, it's talking about a book,and what type a reviews it recieved.Again, it's a must read!!!!
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