Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The .99 Cent literary Book Sale


I compiled a list of books for the writer and aspiring authors alike.I know at time you don't know which way  to turn on you journey of becoming a successful writer or having your manuscripts turning into a book.I put together these book,but I'm still well on my journey of learning every thing as well, that I can to become a published author/poet.I made this list of  books...well  I do promote books,as well as review,and suggest them.
So, here are few books that you might see that might help you.Each writer or aspiring author is different in their own unique way of putting pen to paper sorta speak,and at times might need a little shove to help you by looking or reading a book.

1.Grammar Girl Punctuation 9ll,.99
2. Elements of English:Verb,Forms,Regular,Irregular,.99
3.250 things You Should Know About Writing,.99
4.The Ultimate Fiction Thesaurus-A Writing Study,.99
5. How To Write A Great Essay In 8 Hours Or Less,.99
6.2k To 10k:Writing Faster,Writing Better,.99
7.Professional Plot Outline Mini-Course,.99
8.English,Grammar,Punctuation And Capitalization,.99
9.352 English Irregular Verbs-Practice Book,.99
10.Speed Reading:How To Double(Or Triple),.99
11.Writing Well,.99
12.Grammar: A Simple Approach To The Abstract Requirements Of Writing,.99
13.Plotting Simplified:Story Structure Tips For The,.99
14.Editing Without Pain:Search And Destroy To Fix Your Drafts,.99

Price is subject to change at anytime from author.

  So now,and go get your read on!
                   Until next time,
                          Treasured Spot,readers


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