Saturday, May 4, 2013

Living the Long Good Life: Martha Stewart's Latest Book


Well, it looks like the domesticate diva has done it again this time she has written another book,amongest the other that has been already written by Martha Stewart.Her New Book is Called Living the Long Good Life.In this book she gives you simple but interesting ways on how to  organize your home and as well healing your well being.This is just latest from the  domesticated guru,she been recently been in the news on stating she want a some companionship.Here's pic of her profile on the dating site:
Not bad Martha,Not bad at all.

Martha Stewart has set up  a profile on the dating site, the diva is looking to have some type of fun between 700  thread count  bed sheets.The 71 year old wasn't shy in what she wanted in a partner.Martha Stewart recently told a tv anchor she was looking for some one who was active, energetic,out door-ish,smart,and tall -ish,too. Ooo,Martha! You go girl,I'm not mad  atcha! 

Meanwhile,Martha Stewart's book  is available now,with all the controversy stirring up about her looking for
a date,it  looks like her book  will have no problem in the sells department,not that Martha needed it.But, with the help of her quest to find a partner it sort a gave her book a boost.
If you want to know more about Martha Stewart Visit Wikipedia for the complete break down of where it all began, and a little back ground history.

Here are some sites if you want to visit her:

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