Monday, June 17, 2013


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Ok,So I know I way over due for posting books that I was going to due a review on.Yeah,I got lazy in that department,I mean it's not like I'm getting request to review a book,I'm doing at my own leisure.Well,I think I might got a request from a new author looking for review of her book,more on that later.It's been a while since I left off on two of the books I'm reading.I feel so guilt I want to start over and read all the way through,in which some times I end up doing,but I won't do it.It's not like I don't remember where I left off,it just the time in between the me reading seems like I need to read them over.
To give you heads of up on the books I'm reading is,The Abigail Affair by Timothy Frost..... that's a
gooood,book! when I say good it's good! Let me tell you a little about the book, It'a about a young guy who takes a job on yacht, but find himself  in deep trouble because he thinks,well in fact he know the owner of the yacht has kill one of the two women he brought aboard the yacht, first thing he does is try to escape only to be caught by  one of the crew members that's working on the yacht with him.Fast forward to where I left on the book, he ends up being some what frame for the women murder,and the point where I stop reading it, he was  left on abandon island with the dead body,and he was trying figure out how to get off of it.
Pretty  interesting,huh? well throw in the the main character personality and you got your self a  good plot,besides the fact he was left on desolate island with the decomposing body.......Ok,so that's where I had left off.This book is on my kindle pc,and unlike ever one else I don't have a electronic book to read,so I'm reading it on my screen.
The other book I reading is,Sexy Little Liar by Noire, this is the second  third  book I reading of Noire, I got hook on reading Noire books when I first read G-spot after that first read I became hook on her books,even though this is my third book I reading of hers.G-Spot I could read it over and over again as if I reading it for the first time.Her, second book was Thug-A-Licious  you talk about a good read, these book what made me seek out ,another one of her books.Now, the book I'm currently reading of Noire is a borrowed over due library book,that I suppose to have been returned a long time ago,but I haven't finished reading that book.I see I can't do my leisure reading when I'm borrowing some library books.

The other book I borrowed from the library is Blonde Faith by one of my favorite authors,Walter Mosley.How became so hook on Walter Mosley books is, I was bored and wanted something to read I never head of Walter Mosley at this point,so I went to the Library and  just fumbling around on what I should I get,suffice to say I got one of the books called  Fear Itself.After I read that book I became hook ever since then.Like Noire I haven't read a lot of Walter Mosley books,but I read enough to know I'm hook on his writing skills,and I must say I admire it as well.
Now, back to the reason why I'm writing this post,but first let me  give you just a little  info on the book I reading Of Noire, Mink LaRue is a stripper looking for some easy money,her friend stumbles up on a pic of a child that look awfully like Mink.Mink and her good friend put a scheme in motion to make claim that she(mink) was the long lost daughter of the child on the the pic.The catch is, the child that's missing is of  a oil tycoon who happen to be load with a lots of money,AND,and who's father is sick in the hospital knocking on death's door.
Oh,you  probably will say nothing new about that,but oh wait a minute,you know I have to factor in the drama with being the long lost daughter of oil tycoon.You got the siblings,in which one doubts that she is his sister,but secretly  looking at her, how should I say it, a sexual way,and not to mention the Uncle she's banging.Peek your interest,I thought so.It's more to this book than meets the eye......I just gave you(reader in general) of what the book is about.If you want to delve into the plot of the book, you know to do........I just gave you a little taste of  what the book is about,just a little.The part where I left off is,they where all at a pool party,Mink was piss off because another women is claiming to be the long lost daughter of  the oil tycoon,oh I forgot to mention she came into some money when she first visited her rich family,thing is she stand to loose her inheritance  to another lady claiming the same thing she's doing.
I mention earlier in this post of possibly of a book review request,I say possibly because it was sort of like in direct request.The author is a new author,and I think she want's me to review her book.I won't mention the author or the title of the book,until I write the review.
I just wanted to give a little up date on me,as far as me still reviewing books.I'm still doing it,but at my own leisure.Although, next time I'm going to take into consideration about library books.Now,If I get a request of to review a book,then Of course I will make the author,and there book my main priority,like I think this lady request me for.

                               Until Next Time,Treasured Spot readers

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