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African American Books for Ninety Nine Cents

It's been a while since a posted anything,to be exact, it's been two months since I posted on this blog.If any body been reading my post like I said before I really do this as an hobby,and at my own leisure,because I haven't gotten any request from any authors to review none of their book(s).The sites I review for are just that,I request a book and review them,.True I get some books in advance before their release date,and others after.Well, the reason for this post I decided to put together a random blog post of 0.99 cent sale, it's totally random of books I'm throwing on this post.Also, these books I haven't read or review at all I thought I would put together a selection of books that you may like.With out further  ado,here are the selection of books.
Like Mother,Like Trick by Dannaye Cater

Younger women are often optimized by the amount of sex partners they have. With each penetration they gain a sense of sexual maturity. Then later decide, their sweet pea is like treasure and should be discovered with gentle anticipation. By time they realize what it’s really worth, their sexual juices have been ran dry. Get well acquainted with the main character Erin, of “Like mother, Like Trick”, as she unfolds her truth of her mother’s expectations of a woman’s Hustle. Erin, a young girl, recently graduated out of high school is given 2 choices by her biological mother, Nicole Grey. Either hustle to make it, or die thinking about it. Erin referred to her mother as “Lady” She felt no neutering connection to her mother. They were more like sisters sharing the same dwelling space. Lady explained to Erin, “The fastest way to money is through your Pussy. Every man wants some, and will pay great money for it. You better know what it’s worth and use for the better good!” Lady would explain to Erin confusing the concepts of self worth. Erin was taught Lady’s value of sex at a very young age. Middle school lunch spent in the faculty parking lot for 100-dollar blow jobs. High school stunt hall spent in the Embassy suits for lunch rush pussy, for her clients working on corporate exchange Blvd. Lady exposed Erin to a very lavish lifestyle, and instilled in her the importance of money over everything, including morals and self-

A Bitch Named Karma by Teruka B.
Dirt, Grime, and Deceit is all Karma Canty has on her mind. “Get them before they get you!” is her motto. After Karma looses the closest thing to her-her whole mindset changes, and her heart turns to ice.
Karma has endured a lot of pain in her life, and now her sites are set on making everybody miserable with her. If you have caused her pain in anyway she will be sure to bring the pain right back to you. However Karma never realizes that “What goes around comes around” and just because her name is Karma, that doesn't mean she can’t get it too!
Get sucked into this face-paced read that is sure to leave you speechless at the journey Karma takes you

King Pin Wifeys byK.Elliot
Lani, Starr and Jada are girlfriends to some of Atlanta's biggest drug dealers but they are friends. Proceeds from drug dealing allow them to live a fabulous lifestyle. But all is not great in the land of milk and honey. In this first segment, Starr finds out a secret her boyfriend Trey has been hiding. Jada learns of an evil plan by her boyfriend Shamari, while trying to keep him from learning a secret of her own. And Lani's ex-boyfriend Black, another drug dealer, is still in love with her, but she's moved on to Chris, a man that treats her very well. Follow the ups and downs of these three women as they lead the King Pin Wifey

    My Ratchet Secret by Midnite Love
   I have a question for you ladies. What would you do to marry the man of your dreams? Would you be willing to risk everything for love? I did, the day I met my fiancĂ© I knew he was my soul mate. And I was willing to do whatever it took to get him no matter what the cost. My name is Pebbles and this is my story.

Graphic/explicit sex

When  Love Hurts by Shaqunda Dalton

When that man put his hands on me I can't take living with him anymore. I decide to move in with my best friend Jaylen for a while. He's a business owner with bills and problems of his own but I need him.I just can't go back to my apartment with that man who I thought loved me. One look at my bruises tells me that love was wrong.
I've lost my grandmother to a heart attack, the house to foreclosure, and now I'm living in Chicago with a man I swear is cheating on me. I thought he was my soul mate but I was wrong, and now I feel...
                                                          ...I just

Hard by Anjela Day                                                                                                

Betrayal, lust, lies, murder, and love all come into play in this urban love story.
The Alton brothers run the Detroit drug game, and it was a long time coming! Now these boys have their act together and plan on going all the way letting nothing or no one get in their way.
When Sacario, the second youngest of the four, fall for an insecure waitress in the men’s popular hot spot- things get hectic.
Will they stand the test of time or will the game of love prove to be just too Hard?

Sibling Rivalry by Vanessa M.Kirby
India and London have a lot more in common than just a bloodline. Both sisters are teen parents with half-ass baby fathers, and both with the urge to provide the best life for their daughters. When jealousy comes poking around, some lines are crossed, rumors are spread and all bets are off. London is faced with the betrayal of her older sister, India, and stirs up the perfect formula for revenge. Blood isn't always as thick as you think!

Change of Heart ByJackie Channel                   

Fame, fortune and love; that's what most women want.
Two out of three isn't bad but it's not enough for Asia Pierce.
With three men vying for her heart, will she ever find her one true love?

Plush by Tammy Capri
A message from Tammy Capri: "Even though this is a fictional series, some events in this story are true. When you read it, I hope it brings you a bit closer to me and gives you a better understanding inside the mind of who I used to be. I used to have insecurities about my weight, and I didn't know my self worth. And when it came to men...well, you will read about it."

Single Ladies by Blake Carrington                                                      
                                                                  When it comes to love, hate, trust, honesty, lying, cheating, deceit, betrayal, drama, money, power, respect, and back breaking, limitless, raw and uncut sex. This monthly Urban Soap, "Single Ladies" takes you to a whole other level of play. There will be no holding back, no biting of the tongue and best believe the gloves are coming off when five childhood friends take you through the everyday life of living as a female in the hood. Expect everything... But boredom!!!

Tantalizing Love by Diamond Eyez
Jayshawn Williams AKA J Money has it all. He is living the life of a king. He has money, cars, a house and an endless supply of women at his disposal. He is comfortable with his lifestyle of being in the streets making money, but often times has feelings about settling down.
Lashauna Lawrence is best friends with Jayshawn’s sister Andrea. She is secretly in love with Jayshawn and has been for years, but he has never paid her any attention. At twenty two she is determined to make him her man.
When Jayshawn and Shauna decide to make it official and become a couple all hell breaks loose. Will Jayshawn have to choose between the streets and his woman. Will Lashauna lose everything dealing with Jayshawn. Follow this couple through all the twist and turns of life in the streets as they try to keep their love

Another Woman's Husband by Angel Mechelle                                                          

Bree Michaels is young, sexy, single and raising two children alone. As if being single weren't bad enough, Bree has a problem; she misses having that special someone in her life. It s been a while, but Bree isn't desperate or even looking for love, when things jump off. She never wanted to be someone s slide, and definitely never wanted to be the other woman . In Bree s mind she was a catch, wifey material. It was when she met Dre, her fine and married neighbor when all her self-control and morals flew out the window. Bree surprises herself by her willingness to compromise her soul to be with Dre. Things get hectic when Dre s wife Neecy begins to suspect the true nature of the friendship between Bree and Dre. Neecy goes crazy when she learns the truth. Neecy vows not to let Bree break up her family or take her man not without a

Just reading the blurbs alone,seems like and interesting read.Most of these books were released  within this year with exception of maybe two of them.Please download  these books to your eBook device and get your read on,who knows you may become a fan of these authors.Plus, some of these books has second,and a third part to them.Ninety nine cents you can't go wrong with reading a book for that price.Also, the authors would love your(reader) feed back by posting your thoughts/opinion about the book.Price is subject  to change at any time, from the author  or publishing company.

                                  Until Next time,Treasured Spot Readers

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