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Sexy Little Liar

It's funny how when  you read one book some how some way it helps you with another.Case in point, I  was reading a book and  it kind made me understand the current book I'm reading now.In which  help me to understand  it.  Mistress by James Patterson  is the book  that help me to under stand this book.The thing is, I didn't finish  reading Mistress,but I understood enough to understand this book, James Patterson's book is a complete book,but he's letting you read  just only 15 chapters of  it. I only read 26  pages of the book.Well,less just say reading those few pages help me understand  Sexy Little Liar, sort of.You can  read the first fifteen chapters of Jame Patterson book here.
If you're still not following what I'm saying or should I say typing let me explain  a little bit more what I'm talking about.But, first I going to explain who Mink LaRue is.Mink and her partner in crime Bonita "bunni" Baines hales from  New York, and they both hatch up a scheme to pretend that Mink was the long lost daughter of oil tycoon Viceroy and Selah  Dominion.It work out and she was welcomed with open arms  from them,with out any questions.Well, there was one person that had a little bit a of a hesitation about her claiming to be the long lost daughter of Selah,and it was Baron their adoptive son.
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Barron,and Sable dominion were both adopted by the Dominions  and Sable was kidnap while Selah was visiting New York. Hence, this where the scheme of Bunni and Mink plans came into play.Mink had gotten a taste of what being a Dominion is all about with out any question.Well, there was the DNA  that prove other wise,But, Selah welcomed her with open arms and she took advantage of  it  in every way,by spending every
ounce of money  that was in Sable's name.Barron finds another women  claiming to be  Sable as well, Viceroy is knocking on death's door and the trust fund that's set for the Dominions kids is ready to be disbursed upon Viceroy's death.Trouble is, Mink has to prove she's really Sable.
Now to the point I was trying to make about one book helping understanding the other.The pointI was  trying to make was that the author of Sexy Little Liar is talking in second person in certain parts of  the book.It's like she( the author) is trying to make you( the reader) understand her point of view."You shoulda seen how that  slick little actress put on a show" read a line in the book.It's like I didn't know if the author was talking to me or the character in the book,but that's why I said I read some of James Patterson book ,and it made me understand Sexy little Liar I didn't read his book just to under stand this one, it so happen he was letting people read  some chapters of   his book.
Also, the book was very detailed I mean I understand explaining certain things about the book.But to me personally, I didn't want every little  detail of  how tight Bunni's  shorts were,where she was showing a part of her anatomy.Another part of her explaining I thought was unnecessary was the name of the clothing that certain people was wearing.I'm guessing it was to make the story a little bit more interesting,but the scandalous sex alone made it more interesting,and where did the Houston aunts come in to play, she wrote them in as though she had talk about them before.Not! Another thing is, one of the characters in the book started off as playing a daughter of one of the Dominions then as  I read on she became a sister I was like,huh!So with that being said I would have to say,it was just a nice read.

Noire  is from New York who writes urban erotic novels.Even though I never seen a pic of her, her books speak for them selfs.G-Spot and Thug-A-Licious I highly recommend for you reading pleasure.But, I do for warn you(ladies)  those books will take you on a adventure that make want to know the characters in them.
You can find the author this Social  media sites:

Now, when I do a book review I don't include an authors bio,when I give a rating less than 4 stars.The only reason I'm including a little back history and I mean a little that's because when I read G-spot for the first time I became instantly hook on what the author wrote,and I didn't care if I had to buy it, I wanted to read it.So,I follow that book up with Thug-A-Licious. Again that book is just as great or maybe even better than G-Spot.Those are the only two books I have read,besides this one.... the author has many more books out,and a follow up to this one.
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