Tuesday, October 8, 2013

H*N*I*C by Albert "Prodigy" Johnson

Pappy grew up with Black from the Sumner house days  they were like partners in crime,literally.And Pappy look to black like and older brother ,friend ,confidant but the life Pappy was living he wanted out of, he just wasn't into the life of hustling anymore.Pappy wanted to get away from it all and start anew.Black wasn't having any of it and he wanted to pull one more hustle before Pappy leaves for good.Pappy was hesitant about doing so,but Black  was his boy from the hood and this was going to be his last run  with him,not if Black can help it.
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Ok,when I receive this book in the mail,I had already prejudge the book and what the story was going to be about....so, I just let the book sit idle for a while.BIG,big mistake.Have you ever heard don't judge a book by it's cover?Well,this was literally the truth in this case, with H*N*I*C.The book starts off with some action from the start,at first you're trying to get a grip of who the characters are.Well at least for me, that's how it started ,but as I  read on I was like,ok. Also, the book had me on edge,and turning the page as if not to miss a word or to bother the flow of the read.
At certain instances you'll laugh or smile because the way the author explain some situations they were in, it will have you  laughing or put a smile on you face as you read the book.Will Pappy move on to a better life or will he stick with the hustle? Only you(the reader) can tell....


About the author: Albert "Prodigy" Johnson  is from New York he is one part member of the rap group Mobb Deep.The group sold records world wide,and did recordings with   hip hop and R&B elites.Prodigy was born with the sickle cell anemia  and has battle with pain through out his life.Part of his mission is to promote wellness and keeping healthy.Also, Albert Johnson has an autobiography  out about his life,My Infamous Life.


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