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Colton Dillinger doesn't want to attend his  fathers wedding,which means traveling back home and dragging up old memories he left in the past.Ira Dillinger isn't having it and he wants all of his kids to attend his wedding,and he isn't taking no for an answer.The thing is Ira is marrying one of Colton's ex-lover,who he has a love child by.Prairie creek is a small town in Wyoming where everyone knows every one and where the wedding is to take place.Ira  is wealthy Cattle farmer and the Dillinger's been living in Prairie Creek every since Ira could remember,and their  feud with the Kincaid's another wealthy  farmer is/has been a long standing history in Prairie Creek.
Everyone in the town is preparing for Ira's nuptials and the Christmas holidays and his kids hesitantly decides to come and attend his wedding,but their's only  one problem, a killer/fire starter is lurking ready for the next kill and making the people in  town  feel on edge, and possibly  putting the Dillinger family in harms way.
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when I first started reading this book, I thought good, one main character to stick to.But as I read on, the author or shall I say authors of the book introduce you to a host of characters of the book to get you familiar with. You get to know certain people in the town and a little back history on certain people there besides the killer's Sinister ways. The way the authors describe the characters in the book and the town they lived in.It was  kind of like I knew them personally,but reading about them from afar.I did at times question why is the author(s) is giving all this back ground history on certain people in the town,I'm  guessing so I/you(the reader) can get a feel of who the people are in Prairie Creek.
Suffice to say,It seems like it took me a long time to read this book ,not to say that it was boring or anything.I just had to read it on my pc and if you read any book like that ,you know how uncomfortable that is.but, the killer seems to come around  in intervals and stir things up,and not to mention the kindling/budding romances.Also I want to add ,that the authors kept me guessing to the very end,when I had a clue as to who the killer might be I had to guess again.This book is definitely a must read!!!!

About the authors

Lisa Jackson  is one of  New York times bestselling authors with  twenty million of her book sold world wide in  nineteen different languages.

Rosalind Noonan grew up in a large family in Maryland, when she was in second grade develop a love of writing, while in second grade she place first in a poetry contest.After graduating college she remain  in New York and  work as editor for different publishing companies.

Nancy Bush  Began her career in the romance genre,writing contemporary and historical novels.But, loving to read mystery  books she want to add some mystery to her writing.Early in her writing career she was ask to write for the  hit tv day time soap opera All My Children.Nancy uprooted her family from Oregon to New York and started writing for the soap opera for a while.She return back to to her home state and start focusing more on her writing.Now, known as one of New York and  USA best selling authors.

                                          I received a advance copy fromNetGalley.
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