Monday, November 18, 2013

Stephen King returns with sequel to 'The Shining' - Yahoo News

not going to jump the gun and say it is,like I said I haven't read it.But when the author writes a sequel to to one of his best sellers which was turn into a movie.You got a think, if this book as good as the "Shinning" or even better.Also, I saw the movie and I always wonder what happened to the mother and the son.Well, the book picks up where the book/movie sort of left off.Here's an in depth interview with the author,click on Yahoo's link:

The king of fright Stephen King's book"The Doctor Sleep" picks up where the Shining the has left off.With the son being an alcoholic ike his dad,and having special powers.The book delves into the  son life and his demons as an adult,and possibly his powers as  he chooses to heal with.I personally haven't read this book,but I have seen the movie enough to know, this could be another one of Stephen Kings best seller.
Stephen King returns with sequel to 'The Shining' - Yahoo News      
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Here's  a little something, get you in the mood of reading,his sequel. Lol!

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