Thursday, November 7, 2013


Gina is a gemologist who owns a jewelry store and is the niece of a crime boss.She's about to be engage to Pete and he wants her to meet his family.Being the niece of the crime boss her uncle arrange for her cousin, Carmine another gemologist to watch her jewelry store while she's gone.Every thing is all good with Pete and his family and she comes back home to her jewelry store.A regular customer comes in the store to have her stone in her ring refitted,That's when all hell brook lose.
★ ★ ★
Gina finds out the stone in the ring was fake and she also figure out that her cousin had switch a few other stones in quite few  customers to fake ones.Now, her mission was to switch them back and in the process black mail Carmine to giving her back the original stone he stole in the first place.
This definitely a quick read the chapters short and straight to the point of the story at hand,there wasn't any type mystery or plotting other than her family is in the mob, and she doesn't want to tarnish her reputation with her family or customers about her cousin stealing from her.This was a nice read.......

I received a advance copy from Librarything

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